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Swan 3250, Revisited
Posted on Tuesday March 19, 2019

I’ve written about the Swan 3250 before but it’s worthy of further consideration. It’s part of that post-war series of pens that were fitted with brass threads. Soon after, that feature was dropped. The colour is very dark. I have seen, in eBay listings, the pen described as black or chocolate brown. It is actually […]

Parker Victory Mark IV
Posted on Saturday March 16, 2019

I grow ever more aware of the quality of the Newhaven Parkers, especially in their early years. They are a pleasure to work on and a pleasure to write with. Of all their products I admire the Victory Mark IV most, not only the best of the Victory series, but the best of the Duofold […]

Gold Nibs
Posted on Friday March 15, 2019

I have a number of good pens without nibs, brands for which I don’t have spares. Some were given to me and others arrived in a batch that I bought. I am tempted to say that the batch were the result of stripping out the nibs for their gold value but I don’t know that […]

A Tant and a Kumar
Posted on Tuesday March 12, 2019

Rob Parsons has kindly provided me with photographs and details of these two pens. The first is a Tant (on the left), a pen I have heard of but not seen. It’s a rather odd-looking lever filler. The step down from the barrel to the section is abrupt and severe. I suspect that it might […]

The Conway Stewart Dinkie 540
Posted on Thursday March 07, 2019

There are many small pens: the various vintage pocket and ring top pens, modern Kaweco Sports, the various Japanese long-shorts and, I suppose, a host more. These pens have normal sized nibs, it is just the barrel and cap that is reduced. Then there are tiny pens: the Waterman Smallest Pen in the World, which […]