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Waterman 877
Posted on Thursday September 19, 2019

If this Waterman had been made in America or Canada it would have a model name. English-made ones just have a number: 877. Anything of the Taperite kind has a reputation for being difficult to repair. Specifically, they are said to be hard to do disassemble. Actually that is only true of the US ones. […]

Posted on Tuesday September 17, 2019

I have pens delivered almost every day. As a result, I feel I am in a position to evaluate packaging. There are three standards of packaging: bad, stupid and good. Bad This is a pen thrust into a padded bag or even a plain envelope with nothing more to protect it. I don’t need to […]

Latest uploads
Posted on Saturday September 14, 2019

Here’s a little wren; He’d like to sell you a pen. Or maybe even ten, And then come back again!

Wypac 39 Button Filler
Posted on Saturday September 14, 2019

The Wypac 39 is about style; from the shadowed and cursive scripts on the box to the mid-cap clip and the gilded lettering on the barrel, this is a well-designed and executed pen. The surprising thing is that it didn’t catch on and most Wypac models are uncommon, bordering on rare. Stephen Hull mentions Wypac […]

A Swan Leverless
Posted on Wednesday September 11, 2019

I do love the Leverless! This particular example has no number and is of the 1930s. It measures 12.6 cm capped and has retained the little gold plated Swan on the cap top. It has picked up a few scratches but the gold plating is good on the cap band though a little worn on […]