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The Jock Pen
Posted on Monday June 26, 2017

For years my main supplier of pens was eBay but recently my other sources have been producing better pens.  By better pens I mean pens I can write about here and that will be interesting to my readers and customers. Today I found the Jock Pen, a real rarity from times gone by.  I’ll add […]

The First Repair
Posted on Saturday June 24, 2017

The first pen I ever worked on was a little Swan eyedropper. Looking back on it now, it might have been a 1500. I found it in a junk shop, one of those places that was piled high with other people’s worn-out dreams, stacks of furniture and old trunks, ornaments and knick-knacks that had served […]

A Mentmore Diploma
Posted on Friday June 23, 2017

We all know what Mentmores are like, don’t we? The Diplomas are rather staid and old-fashioned, well-made but with nail-like nibs. They’re the Morris Miners of the British pen world. Except that’s not always true. Take this beauty. The only other pen I can remember wearing this livery is the Watermans of the 1930s and […]

Re-blacking Again (and again and again and again…)
Posted on Saturday June 17, 2017

There is discussion of restoration materials, namely re-blacking and waxes, in Fountain Pen Geeks. I would continue posting there, but what I have to say on the subject is (as you might expect) a little long-winded for a board comment. As a restorer, I believe that one should do the minimum necessary to a pen […]

Waterman 52 (Again)
Posted on Friday June 16, 2017

I’m sure I’ve written about the Waterman 52 before but as it’s a superb pen it’ll do no harm to eulogise it again. Its immediate ancestor was the Waterman 12, and when the company brought out their lever filler it became the 52, the five denoting the lever filling system and the two for the […]