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    Conway Stewart 106 Pen & Pencil Set, Boxed (Stock#2535)


    The Conway Stewart 106 Conway pen and pencil set was produced from 1959 to 1968. This, with the self-coloured cap, is the earliest version. The pen measures 13.5 cm, is a Pressac filler and has a semi-hooded nib. There are no cracks, scratches or bite marks and the gold plating is good throughout. The 14 carat gold CS 6R nib is a firm medium.

    The pencil measures 13 cm and, unusually, appears to have seen much more use than the pen. The gold plating on the barrel ring is very worn and there is a circumferential scratch where the clip has been allowed to rotate against the body of the pencil. The pencil is in full working order and contains lead.

    While it has to be said that the 106 was not Conway Stewart's best product either in terms of quality or design, it's far from the worst! Both the pen and pencil do the job well and in fact the pen is a very nice writer.

    The Conway Stewart box has suffered a little damage at the lower leading edge but is in generally good condition.


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