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Restoring pens was for long a hobby for me but it gradually became a business, and I have been selling vintage pens since 2009, formerly in eBay as redripple52, and now exclusively through this website. I am a conservative restorer, which means that I do no more to a pen than is necessary to return it to good working condition and a pleasing appearance. I don’t re-plate, re-blacken or use a buffing machine to give old pens an inappropriate high-gloss shine.

For me, pens are primarily writing instruments, and in all my pen listings you will find a description of the pen’s writing characteristics and a writing sample to illustrate them which may help you to select the pen that suits you best.

The history and development of fountain pens is a subject of fascination for me.

I am the author of the long-running Goodwriterspens Blog.
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