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Mabie Todd Swan 3172
Posted on Saturday November 28, 2020

The 3172 is among the least common of Swan’s 1950s pens. It’s a delightful colour and for once the description of the colour is accurate: pastel green. Why did this pen not sell well? One must remember that the 50s was the decade of denial of colour – black suits or black morning coats with […]

New Uploads
Posted on Friday November 27, 2020

They call it ‘Black Friday’ and black Swans we’ve gotBut there are some bright Swans to get while they’re hot!Green marbled, blue speckled and bronze with some blue,Perhaps there’s a pen that is just right for you!

Posted on Thursday November 26, 2020

On the subject of posting there are four questions: do you ever post? Do you never post? Do you sometimes post? If so, when do you choose to post or not? I never post. I used to but I found it unwieldy with bigger pens. I gradually gave it up with smaller pens, too. If […]

The Mystery Conway Stewart
Posted on Monday November 23, 2020

Thanks to all those who tried to guess which pen was illustrated. Chris J is the winner. He guessed that the pen was a Conway Stewart 205. Several people were so very near! The pen is not illustrated in Stephen Hull’s book. I think most people were consulting the late Jonathan Donahaye’s wonderful listings but […]

Which Conway Stewart?
Posted on Saturday November 21, 2020

This is an old Conway Stewart and a good ‘un, part of my own collection of very good writers. A very sculptural section there! A pen bearing this number was available from very early in the company’s production and changed a little over the years. This is the early thirties version. Conway Stewarts got more […]