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Nibs & Things
Posted on Tuesday August 16, 2022

Most of my customers buy pens to write with. I also have a few who are collectors. Just because they collect doesn’t mean that they don’t write with those pens. Most do. I see Swans in rare patterns and styles occasionally in eBay and if I am very, very lucky I’m successful in getting one […]

Writing Rambling
Posted on Saturday August 13, 2022

It’s all about getting words on a page but I’m using a variety of tools to do that these days – or at least I’m trying to! I’m using a stainless steel Sheaffer Targa to draft this, an old friend I’ve had for more years than I care to count. The beautiful inlaid nib lays […]

Conway Stewart 85/Esterbrook Relief
Posted on Tuesday August 09, 2022

Some time ago a friend gave me a Conway Stewart 85. It had belonged to his late father. It’s the simplest and commonest of 85s: it’s black. I wish I had known his father. I would have loved to ask why he chose black when 85s came in so many attractive patterns. It’s not like […]

Posted on Sunday August 07, 2022

I sent away for some goose feathers and they arrived yesterday. There are numerous guides to their preparation on YouTube which should allow me to make a good quill. I have a small, thin-bladed knife – a gift from a kind friend – which should be perfect for the cuts one must make to prepare […]

Boots “Dorothy”
Posted on Tuesday August 02, 2022

Boots the Chemist provided us with lots of excellent pens over the years, most notably by Burnham and De La Rue. The De La Rue versions especially, are very fine pens with outstanding nibs. This is probably the earliest pen, the “Dorothy”. I don’t know who made it – perhaps De La Rue? It’s a […]

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