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The Lesser-Known Pens Have Their Day
Posted on Thursday February 02, 2023

The recent discussion about the Truepoint illustrates how much work needs to be done on the very interesting lesser-known brands. It comes as no surprise that Messrs Hull and Russell are hard at work on the subject and I eagerly await the result of their labours. It also shows the valuable contribution of collectors. When […]

More on the Truepoint
Posted on Monday January 30, 2023

Simon has asked me to post this photo to clarify an issue that has arisen; that Truepoints came in mixed colours too.

Another Truepoint
Posted on Saturday January 28, 2023

Truepoints don’t turn up very often so it’s a matter of interest when they do. To remind you, the Truepoint is one of those post-war pens that probably came from what had been a wartime munitions machine shop. It’s a common story, except that the Truepoint was an exceptionally good pen, well designed and made. […]

Conway Stewart 85L Barrel
Posted on Tuesday January 03, 2023

I’ve had a request for a Conway Stewart 85L barrel. I no longer hold Conway Stewart spares so couldn’t help but if anyone else has a barrel that they are prepared to part with, let me know. My correspondent would prefer the green and gold barrel but failing that would settle for any 85L barrel. […]

Posted on Monday December 26, 2022

The following is a comment from James Bennett for which I am very grateful. I repeat it here so that more people will see it. Apparently these pens were made in Fordingbridge in Hampshire which is on the river Avon in the early 1960s.Apparently they supplied them to Woolworths.

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