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A Slender Dip Pen
Posted on Saturday May 28, 2022

I used to buy small collections of pens, often just for the one or two pens I really wanted. The result was an ever-accumulating pile of vaguely fountain pen-related odds and ends which I scrapped or gave away. I thought it was all gone, then I came upon a small stash the other day. This […]

A Mottled Hard Rubber Mystery
Posted on Saturday May 21, 2022

This beautiful and mysterious safety pen was shown to me by Rob Parsons. The tapering shape of the pen suggests that it is a late one. The mottled hard rubber is lovely as it always is. Who made it? It has a superficial resemblance to Waterman pens and it has an 18k Waterman nib. There’s […]

Still Here!
Posted on Tuesday May 17, 2022

Apologies for my absence. It’s that time of year when other things demand our attention, sowing and planting and getting the garden in good order. I’ve been buying and restoring pens too, though. It’s hard work to get decent pens at a reasonable price these days. I think a large proportion of pens go through […]

More Rambling
Posted on Thursday May 05, 2022

Small, old things do catch the eye and are perfect for collection: fountain pens – of course – watches, pocket and pen knives, snuff boxes, treen, thimbles, the list goes on. I confess to a fondness for many of those things. I have more pocket knives than I can use and there’s a lot of […]

Posted on Tuesday May 03, 2022

I use Tiger A5 notebooks, hard-cover and spiral backed, to draft everything I write. That may seem like double work but it’s worth drafting my articles and correspondence because they improve on the edit – or at least I like to think that they do. These Tiger notebooks may only be available in the UK. […]

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