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Posted on Saturday September 26, 2020

High quality new pens were – and are – always expensive. So much so, I suppose, that many people in times gone by didn’t own a fountain pen. Pencils served the purpose more cheaply and schoolchildren used slates and slate pencils. Someone whose occupation or leisure made a fountain pen a necessity would generally own […]

A Blackbird Fountpen
Posted on Tuesday September 22, 2020

I don’t write about Blackbirds often enough. I have three at the moment and should be uploading them to the sales site shortly. This is a rather plain one and it has seen quite a bit of use judging by the wear on the chasing. It’s none the worse for that, a true veteran and […]

Swan SM205/63
Posted on Sunday September 20, 2020

I bought this pen as damaged goods – a broken clip – and on arrival I found that it was even more damaged than had been indicated. There is a 4 mm lateral crack on the side of the cap away from the clip and another the same size on the cap lip. It had […]

Black Swan Set
Posted on Saturday September 19, 2020

This set dates to 1949. The pen is a Leverless filler and the pencil has lead and works well. They are excellent instruments but what interests me most is the box! I have never come across a Swan box like this before, textured and patterned cardboard with gold piping, it looks rather more like a […]

Mabie Todd Swan Military
Posted on Saturday September 12, 2020

Having written about trench pens recently I am glad to be able to show this splendid example, the Swan Military. The ink pellets are stored in the base of the barrel but unlike other examples the blind cap does not need to be removed, just slid out to allow access to the pellets. The pen […]