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A Jade Swan
Posted on Thursday October 21, 2021

This small Swan (11.6cm capped) is American and bears some resemblance to the red US Swan I wrote about recently. I’ve had it for quite a long time but haven’t done anything with it until now because it is quite severely damaged. There’s a part missing at the top of the cap. I can find […]

Posted on Tuesday October 19, 2021

If I started in on paper it would be a 3000-word essay – at least! For that reason I’ll limit myself to a couple of notebooks that I use. People write with ballpoint, felt-tip, gel pens or other writing instruments that aren’t fountain pens with the result that most notebooks are made for those pens […]

My Frankenpen
Posted on Sunday October 17, 2021

Going through my no-hoper pens, the ones unlikely to be saleable or even to be repaired, I came upon an English post-war Waterman with a fine Accounts nib. That might not be to everyone’s taste but it suits me very well. The pen was in a sad state with a broken lever box among other […]

Posted on Thursday October 14, 2021

Between all the savings they’ve made shutting thousands of Post Offices and the profits they make delivering packages for Amazon and other online sellers you would think Royal Mail could deliver our paltry few pens for free but no, the price rises every year. I’ve kept the overseas shipping charge at £12.00 for a long […]

Wyvern Continued
Posted on Wednesday October 13, 2021

I was beginning to despair of finding anything good. All Perfect Pens and 81s which I don’t want. There’s even one of those hide-covered things on eBay at the moment if anyone wants one. Then a Big Ben came along, complete with price sticker and I nabbed that. So pictures will follow in a few […]

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