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Some Nibs
Posted on Wednesday April 01, 2020

  Upper Left: Swan No 2 Upper Right: Wyvern Lower Left: Canadian Parker Duofold Lower Right: Conway Stewart   Couldn’t be more different in design.  The Swan, an oblique, is very sculpted.  The Duofold looks like it’s down to the gold but there is tipping there, though it is quite worn.  I might do some […]

Goodwriters Sales Website Closed
Posted on Tuesday March 24, 2020

We won’t be selling pens until the present crisis is over.  This is due to post office closures.

Another Hightime
Posted on Saturday March 21, 2020

The Hightime is an uncommon post-war pen which I have written about previously at length. The search box will find it. Apart from also being a button filler this pen is entirely different from the previous example. It has a 14 carat gold nib, unlike the other and it is a more traditional style of […]

A Blue Marbled Wartime Swan
Posted on Sunday March 15, 2020

Swan’s blue marble is a particular delight. It’s a subtle pattern, disappearing and reappearing over the length of the pen and the blue is a beautiful silver/blue. So when a nice 40s pen in this pattern with good gold appeared I would normally have been bidding high but what appeared to be a cracked nib […]

Mabie Todd Blackbird Fountpen
Posted on Saturday March 14, 2020

I’m sure most will be familiar with this pen, essentially a BB2/60 without the model number.  What makes this example interesting is the condition.  It’s absolutely immaculate, as is the box.  Even the guarantee paper remains flexible and soft.  I asked the eBay seller where the pen came from.  It was a house clearance after […]