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Sunday Rambling
Posted on Sunday January 19, 2020

I’ve spent the day repairing pens.  I only fixed five but that’s because they were all in a bad state.  Three Swans, a Waterman and a Conway Stewart, all with buckled nibs and other problems.  Many thanks to Laurence Oldfield for his nib straightening kit.  I bought the full set a few years ago and […]

Does Platignum Deserve Its Bad Reputation?
Posted on Saturday January 11, 2020

The earliest Platignums I am aware of are hard rubber lever fillers, often in less usual colours like blue or olive mottled. They had perfectly usable steel nibs. Later they produced pen and pencil sets in bright celluloid colours. Again, these are perfectly adequate pens and they have become collectors items, especially in America. Wartime […]

Rosemary – That’s For Remembrance
Posted on Monday January 06, 2020

I’ve written about the Rosemary before, mostly speculation about the very unusual name. The search box above will find previous blog entries on the subject. It is in Hamlet, Act IV, Scene V, as Ophelia plans to end her short life, that the phrase occurs as she explains the symbolism of the flowers she gathers. […]

Just Fountain Pens
Posted on Friday January 03, 2020

As long as I am alive and able there will never be a time when I will not write about pens. Unfortunately I can no longer spend as much time on pens as I have done but every aspect of fountain pens continues to be what I do; they define me. There is much pleasure […]

Shellacking the Section/Barrel Joint
Posted on Sunday December 29, 2019

I never thought the day would arrive when I would disagree with David Nishimura. For years his blog and comments in the fountain pen boards have influenced my repair practices and my writings. However, I find myself respectfully differing from him about shellacking sections, something he does himself and advises others to consider doing. He […]