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Vintage Inks
Posted on Thursday January 20, 2022

There has been some discussion recently in Fountain Pen Geeks about vintage inks of which I have several. I use most of them. One or two have been a sad failure through settling out and though I’ve tried mixing them and even boiling it has been impossible to return them to their original strength. Luckily […]

Another Swan Leverless L205/62
Posted on Sunday January 16, 2022

I’ve written about the Leverless L205/62 before and the search box at the top right will find those entries. There are several truly outstanding Swan patterns and this is one of them. Some of those patterns score by their subtlety but this isn’t one of those. This is a bold and eye-catching pattern. So much […]

Mabie Todd & Bard Beauties
Posted on Saturday January 15, 2022

I’d been looking at the Pen Collectors of America site and admiring the lovely old overlay pens and chatelaine holders. Then Mario showed me these: Feast your eyes! The silver chatelaine case has an anomalous date letter for 1912. I understood the name Bard was dropped in 1907. Many thanks for the excellent photos, Mario!

Posted on Tuesday January 11, 2022

I don’t clip pens to my clothes but they are useful – though not essential – in keeping pens in place in my wrap. They also stop pens rolling around – and off – my desk. The occasional portable dip pen, often combined with a pencil, has come down to us but they were mostly […]

Restoration or Conservation?
Posted on Sunday January 09, 2022

For someone to say that they restore fountain pens seems a simple enough statement. It isn’t, though. There are two views of what should be done with valuable old things and there’s a whole spectrum of views in between. The two operative words are restoration and conservation. Conservation has a variety of meanings as does […]

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