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The White Blackbird
Posted on Sunday September 19, 2021

Le Merle Blanc was part of Mabie Todd’s export drive beginning in the mid-twenties and it was aimed at Belgium, France and Switzerland. This MHR vest pocket pen was part of the earliest range. Later pens were in marbled celluloid. At 11.2cm capped but with the girth of a full-size pen, this was a neat […]

Sheaffer Triumph
Posted on Friday September 17, 2021

The other day I was clearing out a drawer to use it for something else and I came upon this pen. It was one of my early ventures into US vintage pens and I often wondered what had happened to it. It must have been during one of our many house-moves that it was put […]

My Husband Writes …
Posted on Saturday September 11, 2021

It is a truism, I think, that price has little bearing on the writing quality of fountain pens. I’ve had just as much trouble with expensive as with cheap ones and treasures turn up at all price points. So many good pens have passed over my bench and I’ve amassed quite a few of my […]

Sailor 1911 Profit Kurogane
Posted on Wednesday September 08, 2021

Over the years I have enjoyed several different styles of nib. At one time, several years ago, I used flexible nibs despite an inability to write well with them. Not for me the wonderfully controlled flourish that I admire in the writing of those more talented than me. Nonetheless it benefitted me in that the […]

The Stylographic, the Glass Nib or the Metal Nib
Posted on Tuesday September 07, 2021

Most of us are used to the regular fountain pen with a steel or gold nib but that hasn’t always been the only option; indeed it isn’t the only option at present. The first true fountain pen was a Stylographic with a metal tube and fine wire to deliver the ink to the paper. Stylos […]

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