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Mabie Todd Swan L245/60
Posted on Saturday February 22, 2020

The L245/60 is not a pen you see often. I don’t know why as it’s such an attractive pen. If the pen isn’t unusual enough, this one, unusually, is clipless. The accommodation clip that has been fitted isn’t my favourite – I’d rather a Swan clip – but like the rest of the pen it’s […]

Posted on Sunday February 16, 2020

I won’t be around for much of next week.  I hope to be back by Friday.

Latest Uploads to sales site
Posted on Tuesday February 11, 2020

So many Swans are swimming on my site; They flex and glide, but none of them bite. If you like ’em flexy, here’s what to do: Come and have a look – is there one for you?

Mabie Todd & Bard Eyedropper and Gunmetal Travelling Case
Posted on Thursday February 06, 2020

The gunmetal travelling case is one I haven’t had before. It certainly provides protection for a pen. It’s quite decorative too, with its brass ends. This one shows that it has had a knock or two and has been well used. The pen is in better condition, a Mabie Todd & Bard eyedropper with repoussé […]

Sales Site Problems
Posted on Sunday February 02, 2020

Many thanks to all of you who have contacted me to say that they either can or cannot see the sales site. The main problem is that the web host has blocked IP numbers because of hacking.  He is working to ease that, though it seems unlikely that it will ever go away.  This is […]