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Wing Sung 699 Plunger Filler
Posted on Saturday July 04, 2020

I often say that I will buy no more pens – for myself, that is, not for the business! And I also say no more Chinese pens. I stick to neither of these resolutions. The Chinese are no longer the poor relations of the pen world. They are turning out pens now that are competitive […]

What Makes a Good Pen?
Posted on Thursday July 02, 2020

On one of the pen boards I saw a thread entitled something like, “what makes a good pen?” I wasn’t tremendously impressed by the answers but I thought the question an interesting one. Here are a few ideas of my own. Nib. Flexibility or firmness are personal choices, not an indication of the quality of […]

John Brindle’s Mabie Todd Pen Lists – Update
Posted on Tuesday June 30, 2020

The new version of John Brindle’s Mabie Todd lists is going ahead well. It will be done in WordPress and I confess that creating a website of such complexity in WordPress would be well beyond me! I am therefore hugely grateful to Tony Lancaster who is redesigning and rebuilding the site. It will still be […]

The Later Swan 1060
Posted on Tuesday June 23, 2020

Apart from sales stock I have thirty or forty pens of my own. Mostly they are chosen purely for their writing capability. This one is a Swan 1060, not the wartime one but the post-war torpedo-shaped pen. It is unsaleable because of a hairline cap lip crack. That could be repaired but the chemicals involved […]

Looking for Advice
Posted on Sunday June 21, 2020

I’ve been told that WordPress might not be ideal for what I want to do with the Brindle site.  Someone with experience in these matters says that WordPress now is a sea of plugins, not all of which are well coded.  It would take some time and experimentation to discover which plugins would be best […]