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Apologies for the absence…
Posted on Sunday November 20, 2022

I probably should have posted this sooner, but I apologise if anyone has tried to reach me in the last week. I have been unable to reply because my husband is in hospital 110 miles from home, and I’m down here with him. He is on the mend, mostly, and we hope he will be […]

Library (Husband Again)
Posted on Saturday November 05, 2022

Andrew Carnegie was a monster who tried to make up for his monstrosities by charitable works. Of course people had to be aware that he was their benefactor, hence his name being applied to all he did. In other creations, Skibo Castle is his monstrous ego writ large. His great gift to the nation is […]

A ‘Guest’ Writer Speaks (Writes)
Posted on Friday November 04, 2022

My husband wrote this piece a couple of days ago whilst ‘enjoying’ an unexpected stay in hospital. In his words: “A few days in hospital for a service and oil change. Doesn’t matter where I am, I’m never far from fountain pens. The nice young doctor who is saddled with me for his sins is […]

A Poetic Comment
Posted on Tuesday November 01, 2022

Sorry to say that comments to the blog that contain photos don’t come through. Here’s a comment to the previous post from Hans Gilliams, much too good to miss!

The Scribe
Posted on Sunday October 30, 2022

What lovely thingsThy hand hath made:The smooth-plumed birdIn its emerald shade,The seed of the grass,The speck of the stoneWhich the wayfaring antStirs — and hastes on! Though I should sitBy some tarn in thy hills,Using its inkAs the spirit willsTo write of Earth’s wonders,Its live, willed things,Flit would the agesOn soundless wingsEre unto ZMy pen […]

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