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Uploaded to Goodwriters Pens Sales
Posted on Monday April 12, 2021

This year is going by in a blinkieAnd somehow I have acquired a DinkieBut all the rest of this new squadAre by the famous Mabie Todd.

Sales Site Open Again
Posted on Friday April 09, 2021

That didn’t take long! The site is open for business again with one change: we only accept payment by PayPal now. Offering credit card sales has never been cost effective but we provided it as a service to customers as long as we could. The situation was brought to a head by changes within Worldpay/Cardsave, […]

About the Sales Site
Posted on Thursday April 08, 2021

You may have noticed that the sales site is “Down for Maintenance”. There are some changes we have perforce to make and it is my intention that these will take no more than a week, less if things go well. If you have any questions contact me on

Mabie Todd Jackdaw
Posted on Sunday April 04, 2021

Jackdaws are quite uncommon and when they do turn up it’s usually in a fairly battered state. They were school pens, after all, so it isn’t that their quality is less than that of other Mabie Todd pens; it’s just that they were in the hands of little school age horrors*. Indeed the quality is […]

The Glorious Nail
Posted on Saturday March 27, 2021

When I began using fountain pens again as an adult, it was with a Sheaffer, a medium nib and hard as a rock. Then I discovered flex and delighted in it for a few years. My writing is about legibility rather than beauty but line variation covers a host of sins. However, I was trying […]

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